You’re not good enough.

Over the last 2 days, I’ve been really busy a packing up all my stuff, ready to move into a new house. Since I was exhausted from all the work, I decided against doing any school homework. I just slept, ate, watched YouTube videos, and slept again. Today morning, I woke up feeling ridiculously apprehensive about my broken work schedule and my lack of interest in academics and life in general. I felt like if I don’t constantly do something related to school work, I would become an utter failure. I felt like I’m not enough.

I mean, sure, there are things I’m good at. Like writing. Speaking. And singing. And the guitar and math. And then there’s things I’m absolutely horrible at. Like kicking a ball straight. Or finding and keeping things. Or remembering anything more than my first name. Or drawing. Or dancing. I mean, I would rather drown in a pool of piranhas than doing those(this is clearly an exaggeration.).

We’re all good at certain things and ridiculously terrible at other things. And that’s quite frankly the balance of human nature. The only we can do is continue to get better at the things we’re already good at and learn from others.

But we have to make the first move of trying. Make the commitment to learn. It’s okay to make mistakes and act like a fool, if it’s means it gets you closer to being good at something. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Do what you have to do to be good enough.

Because most of the times, enough is, well, more than enough.

By Udita Gowdety

I read books with the jacket off.

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