Rats, Spirals and Cheese

What is the multiverse? How many dimensions exist? Will we ever find aliens? Are we all just atoms in a larger universe?These were the questions my friends and I attempted to answer in today’s lunch break. It all started with the question of how the universe would have come into existence if the Big Bang Theory wasn’t true. Soon we were wondering what was outside the universe, if the universe was the only thing there was. It made me think: how do you perceive or make sense of something that is simply beyond human comprehension? Belief. The answer is belief. The whole point of putting the unimaginable into the hands of some higher being is to simplify the things that are out of reach of human understanding. But we still weren’t content. My friend wanted a reason for why the universe is the way it is and why there could be infinite dimensions. Everything’s gotta have a reason, right? No. Not everything. Until we know for sure, we really wouldn’t have a solid reason for why the universe behaves the way it behaves. We need to find a reason. We need an answer. Imagine a spiral maze. An endless spiral maze. The entire human race is a rat in the maze, looking the best piece of cheese in universal existence. Cheese couldn’t get better than this. And we’re desperate to find it. We’re constantly going round and round in circles in the hopes of finding this cheese. And the spiral is infinite and never-ending. So is our search for the elusive cheese. I’m not saying we’ll never find the cheese. With rapid technological advances, we might in the near future. But while we’re all searching frantically for the cheese, we seem to miss all the pizza and milk and chocolate along the way. They’re great too, even if they’re not ultimate cheese. We’re all just just rats, looking for our own cheese. We are going to while away our existence looking for this cheese. So we might as well enjoy the journey.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. -Robert Frost

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