Go break some eggs.

About two weeks ago, I made the most ridiculous(and possibly the most common) mistake a new blogger could make.

I deleted all my WordPress media to empty my space.

Thankfully, I had only 8 posts at that time, and not a hundred. Whew. It took a while, but soon, I had all my media replaced with better pictures.

This stupid mistake is just one example of people messing up in life. Sometimes you mess up small. Sometimes you make some really public blunders. IT. DOESN’T. MATTER.

What matters is your ability to call yourself out and do something to change. It can be anything from remembering to wear the right socks or promising not to eat your mom’s ice cream again.

Besides, who says mistakes aren’t good? They help you grow and they give you another chance. A chance to start again. And that’s a great privilege.

A common misconception is that successful and optimistic people are immune to the feeling of doing something wrong. They are not. In fact, optimistic people care the most about their mistakes (me for example).

The difference is that they UNDERSTAND. They know exactly where they messed up, and make a conscious effort to CHANGE.

I’m not at that stage yet, where I learn from my mistakes effortlessly. I have my own speed bumps and dead ends. We all do.

Maybe we never really will find that perfect balance between success and failure, between satisfaction and hunger, or between the beauty of ignorance and the assurance of certainty.

But, we have to try.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

5 thoughts on “Go break some eggs.

      1. Yes, I made several mistakes when I first started blogging which I am very thankful for doing as they helped me to become a better blogger in the long run. I’m also grateful that I made these mistakes very early on as it took me a little while before I started to grow a larger following on my blog. Honestly it would have been a little embarrassing making some of the mistakes I did, in front of thousands of people now, lol.
        One of the main mistakes I can think of is pressing publish when I hadn’t completed or edited my post. As when I publish a post an email normally gets sent directly to my followers pretty much immediately. Also I’m sure I did this a few times. 😬 Thankfully I haven’t done that for several months now (or since I had more then a couple hundred followers) although I have published posts even in the past month where I’ve had a typo or something a-like and meant to change it but accidentally published it. 😬 I’ve definitely learnt from my mistakes though and am very careful not to hit publish until I’ve triple checked my posts. Grace. πŸ’›

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  1. Oh boy have I done worse. I deleted all my media when I had over a 100 posts. I worked hard to upload all again but there were too many posts and to this day there are few without the images in some corner of my blog *grimace*
    Good thing you learnt earlier on

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