Logan Paul

We all know what happened.

Logan uploaded an insensitive video filming a guy who had recently committed suicide, and received a lot of backlash and criticism. The whole incident is a story we really don’t need to hear right now.

YouTube, going into 2018, is undoubtedly dominated by pranksters. Nothing’s wrong with that. But when a person, no matter how famous he/she is, uploads something that is morally unsound, YouTube should be the first people to to take action. Although his video was actually less about the actual body and more about the entire incident as a whole, I still did have some graphic content that disturbed many viewers. For whatever reason. Nothing’s wrong with being controversial. Nothing is wrong with being hated. But if you’re going to be under heavy fire, do it for a good cause.

Upload a video about the slums in Africa, or the gender pay gap in America, or racism all around the world. Make something, anything that sheds light on problems we have to solve as an entirety(like suicide!).

We need to do our part in making sure that the ideas we spread are, for the larger percentage, ones that inspire. This will only happen when the ideas YOU have are inspiring, positive, real, sensitive and empowering. Those are the qualities you must have in yourselves, to ensure that others around us are the same.

We rise by lifting others.

8 thoughts on “Logan Paul

  1. I really liked this post – thank you for sharing it! What I find concerning is the way his fan base aggressively defended him, saying that he was misunderstood, without ever actually taking a minute to stop and think about the implications of his video. I feel as though the Logan brothers have sparked the online conversation that the YouTube community isn’t what it was and you offer a really interesting perspective on that!

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    1. I understand your concern. What was disconcerting about this whole situation wasn’t just Logan’s reaction upon finding a dead body. It was the way the internet reacted to it. On one side were the harsh critics who were slamming Logan’s intentions in every way possible, and in the other were the (sorta blinded) fans who were trying to defend Logan at all costs. I also happen to be his fan, and I didn’t fit in either of the categories. I didn’t understand why both parties had acted the way they did. Had they dealt with this in a better way from the start, things would have better for sure.
      I appreciate your insights, they really do help me put things into perspective!

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      1. Exactly I completely agree with you that the blinded fans are the ones that worry me. I also think that what was missed in the conversation was the fact that this was probably quite traumatic for him to go through and I’m sure that had something to do with him making such an awful decision to post the video in the first place – that’s what the blinded fans couldn’t see: that it was a terrible decision! But I can tell you’re not a blinded fan – you seem like a lovely person from the tone of your posts!! hahah! 🙂

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        1. Aw, thanks! In times like this, it’s important to stand on your own ground with your own values than to lose your head trying to aimlessly defend someone who clearly made a mistake. But that doesn’t mean we can’t forgive Logan, tho 🙂
          If you know anyone who’s a big fan of Logan, do feel free to show them this post- it might just give them the perspective they need.

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