On The Last Day of Summer

You know you’re cooked

When school starts tomorrow

And you still haven’t finished your homework

That you had to finish a month ago

But you know your procrastination

Was for a good cause,

Because the joy of completing homework

Could never replace the joy of the memories you made.

You remember

Lazily strolling across the park

And the early morning dew on the grass

Gently kissing the soles of your feet.

You remember

Going out and doing things for pure fun

Never caring about the consequences;

Just living in the moment and forgetting everything else.

You remember

Stepping out of your comfort zone,

Doing frightening things,

And coming out stronger than before.

But most importantly,

You remember

The friends you made

And the friends you let go of

Feeling grateful and happy for them all.

And at the end of the summer vacation,

After all the highs and lows,

After all the pure and crazy joy,

On the last day of summer,

You think to yourself,

“Summer wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be.”

Photo by Heather Emond on Unsplash

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