6-Month Blogversary- What I’ve Learnt from 6 Months of Blogging

Let’s get right into the list.

Writing opens you to a whole new world.

Blogging drives you to be on the lookout for things that inspire or interest your viewers. The only way to do that is by exposing yourself to different parts of life, often ones that you’ve never come across earlier. For example, while researching for a blog post focusing on writing strategies, I spent an hour jumping through various sites that were informative and helpful. This helped me expand my own knowledge and expertise in the field of blogging, while also making me a better content researcher. Here are the links to a few.

You need to keep at it.

Against all odds. There will be days when you feel like you would rather sell your soul to the demons than write the draft for a blog post, and when that day comes, tell yourself this:
There are people whose lives will change because of my writing someday. Today, I’m writing for them.

Writer’s Block is normal.

It is! All you need in times of crisis such as those are a few creative resources. Here are the links to a few of them.

Allow yourself to become vulnerable.

If you don’t let your guard down while writing, you will never be able to write in a relatable manner. So I encourage you to pour your heart out while you write, unloading all the feelings and thoughts, no matter how insecure they are.

Write drunk, edit sober.

This is like what I said above. The lesser you put your writing under constant scrutiny, the more open and real it will be. Don’t get into the habit of reviewing every word immediately after you write or type it. Instead, write the things in your head in a stretch and don’t worry about typos or grammatical errors. Write all the ideas in your head down at once. You can edit later.

Speaking of editing…

Do it. A lot. After you’re done completely writing your first draft, go over your entire post with a fine-tooth comb, looking to weed out typos, grammar errors, or inadequate use of vocabulary. As the great Stephen King said,
To write is human, to edit is divine.

You have to be fearless when it comes to discovering new things.

As a writer, your craft demands it. There are times when we feel reluctant or hesitant to find out about or research about something that we are unfamiliar with. I encourage you to take a leap of faith, dive into the uncertainty, and immerse yourself in thoughts and ideas that you’ve never known before. It doesn’t matter if the idea you read about was amazing or a complete waste of your time. It doesn’t matter if you spend 2 hours or 20 minutes studying about it. What matters is the fact that you’re learning new stuff that will definitely help you out in the future, someway or the other.

Writing helps rationalize your thoughts.

That, in a way, is the sole purpose of writing to most people. To understand that whatever they’re feeling is normal and that whatever they’re going through, no matter how great or miserable, will pass sometime soon. Writing is a form of constructive analysis of yourself by putting all your thoughts on paper or screen. There is no better way to connect with your conscious emotions than writing. And that is a fact.

Your voice matters.

There is no bigger strength you can have in today’s world than being heard, understood and appreciated. Blogging provides you with the biggest and strongest platform to do just that. Every time I write a post and press publish, I am unleashing a bit of my potential to make the future brighter and more promising. Every time I like or comment on a post, I am doing my part in ensuring that the right people get the right amount of attention. As a blogger or even a reader, remember this:
Your biggest strength is your voice. Use it.

Taking a break is necessary.

As a great someone (I guess it was my mom) once said,
Too much of anything is bad.
Whether it’s video games or math or music. Or blogging, for that matter. Please don’t expect yourself to be able to write forever without stopping. We all need a vacation sometimes. Even from things we consider as “not work”. I think it’s time for me to take a little vacation. Not because I’m bored or stressed, but because I need a break. A little break to stop, catch my breath, look back at all the blogging adventures I’ve had over the last 6 months, and feel proud. For the next two weeks, I will build on my strengths as a writer, connect and collaborate with new people, and find ways to make this site better for everyone. One idea at a time.
See you in two weeks!

24 thoughts on “6-Month Blogversary- What I’ve Learnt from 6 Months of Blogging

          1. This is going to sound so cliche but sharing your stuff on social media really helps.
            I do not know any particular website that focuses on promoting bloggers’ contents but I’m sure they are some out there. Just a little deep googling. Also they might not be free, so you are prepared.

            I also find that collaborating with other bloggers helps. Just cross posting on other blogs with a bigger audience does the job to a certain degree. Apart from that, just keep writing and promoting how you know best. Hope it helps.

            Liked by 1 person

  1. Hi Udita!
    It looks like you learned a lot in a few months! I agree with so many of your points. Especially that you need to take a break once in a while. I’m still working on my own schedule with that one. Sometimes it’s so easy to get lost in the writing and forget to take care of your body.
    Keep up the good work!
    Sarah 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Sarah! I agree with you on that one. I feel like sometimes we get so lost in our own hustle, that we forget to pause for self-care and reflection. Thanks for writing in! If you found this post interesting, please do check out more of my posts and give me some feedback. Anything you have to say that will help me improve is deeply appreciated.
      Thanks in advance 🙂


  2. And yes…Hearty Congratulations on completing 6 months as a blog writer. May this journey continue, leading you into wider horizons of ‘writing’. And one day, when your ‘best seller’ is released,I will say with pride-“I know this great writer”
    Continue changing lives..!!🤗🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  3. An exclusively informative and inspiring blog for budding writers – intricately penned;highlighting all parameters of ‘Writing’. Grt job Udita,as always..!!👍🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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