A Drive Back Home

For once, the traffic wasn’t bad.

It was evening, and I was coming back home from a relative’s house. To get home, we needed to pass through what, in my opinion, is the best part of Hyderabad.


Hello, auto rickshaw!

In case the name doesn’t already give you a hint about the place, let me give you one:

It’s full of computers. It’s hi-tech.

HITEC City is the newest city (more arguably a sub-city) of Hyderabad. Not sure how that works, tho. It stands for the Hyderabad Information Technology and Engineering Consultancy City.

It’s the Silicon Valley of Hyderabad, with 90% of the city’s Information Technology offices situated here. More than half of my friends’ parents work in some office that’s in HITEC City.

Here are 3 great things I encountered on the way back home:

The sheer number of IT buildings.

An estimated 3,50,000 people work in HITEC City. A number of international and national companies have their offices stationed in this bustling community, including Google, Novartis, Tata Consultancy Services and Cyient (to name a few), spread across a gargantuan space of 151 acres.


Nothing short of an amusement park, really

You might not find this to be something to be amazing about, but to us Hyderabadis, this is GREAT NEWS. And in a way, troubling news as well.

The first IKEA store in India opened in Hyderabad on 9 August (my birthday), and 40000 people attended the inauguration day. 40000.

IKEA opened in Hyderabad on my birthday (9th August), and I was getting ready to go out for a dinner party. What we thought to be a 20-min drive turned out to be an hour long excruciating drag through the traffic. Thanks to the IKEA inauguration. The only reason I hadn’t become upset or anything was because I had my best friend for company the whole car drive. It was actually fun going through that tough situation, because it made me feel part of a large phenomenon, something bigger than myself, and I absolutely loved that experience.

The traffic.

Tell me that building doesn’t look good

If you live in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi or really any city in the world, you know how agonizingly slow traffic can be in some places. The traffic in Hitec City, however, is just right for one to drive fast but also admire the surrounding beauty. Right when you get to the major intersection in a place called ‘Gachibowli’, you get hit by massive amounts of traffic. But for once in your life, you feel happy and pleased by the sudden jam.

You get to look up at the tall office buildings still under construction, fearing for the workers’ safety as they weld stuff on the 32nd floor. You get to look at the innumerable commercial outlets on both sides of the road, while also having the opportunity to window-shop through all of them. And you get to look into the distance, at the far away apartments that stand taller than most buildings in the city, and the construction work around you in all directions – an indication that this part of the city is truly a constant work in progress.

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