My trip to IKEA: A Picture Diary (mostly)

I’m sorry for not publishing for the last two days, but I assure that it was for a good reason. The title of this blog was one of them.

It was Saturday afternoon. We were having lunch, and we craved some mental stimulation. With that, we began our plans to visit IKEA for the first time.

Behold, my glorious pictures from the trip!

Hello, IKEA!
When it first opened, I swear people thought this place was an amusement park
They played some really good music in the parking lot. I should have recorded it
Sooo meeee (why didn’t I buy it?)
Who comes up with the names for these products? Do they have any actual meaning?

My dad likes that chair

More weird names
3 hours later, we reached the billing counter

That’s a lot of pot
I got a free ice cream! 
Pardon my awkward picture face, I don’t actually look like this all the time
Bye, IKEA!

All in all, the trip was a very productive one. If you can even call it that. I bought myself a peg board, and my parents bought at least 5 new plants! I met my school friends over there as well, and after more than 2 months of its opening, I found that people’s craze for this foreign furniture store isn’t going to die down any time soon.

Until next time.



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