Woohooo….. I now have my own phone!

I don’t care how materialistic I might sound while saying that, but my excitement is totally justified. For months, I’ve needed a phone (not because all my friends have it too) to manage my resources and therefore my entire life. And ever since I started blogging with full commitment, my pool of resources has only been getting bigger. On average, I spend about 45 minutes a day just finding and reading and watching new stuff that makes me better as a writer and as a person in general. I know having a phone at 14 is probably too early, but, hey, it’s 2018. Please don’t judge me.

And now, it’s time for me to do what most lifestyle YouTubers do when they get a new phone. Prepare to cringe:

What’s On My iPhone?

Lock Screen: I don’t usually waste time looking for wallpapers…. OK I waste a lot of time looking for the right wallpapers for electronic devices, because I feel the need to get the perfect vibe when holding something that could shape millions of lives with a couple of buttons. Like, I know I’m going to spending a lot of time on my phone, the least I could do is convince myself that it’s for good. I need it to be like personal motivation. On steroids.

For example, this was my lock screen on my old, hand-me-down iPhone 5C:

In Bob We Trust

Now, obviously, this wasn’t just me trying to be happy on Mondays, it was also me channelling my love for Robert Downey Jr through every way possible. I thought that I should have something a bit more professional, but still at the same level of inspiration, so on my new phone I put this:

I love motivational wallpapers

Home Screen:  My first page is just the standard list of phone essentials, and I try to keep it that way: Camera, Chrome, Calendar, YouTube and WhatsApp. Nothing much to say else here, but the next page is what really makes this phone, mine.

Ooh, sweet applications that make my life easier!

On the second page, I’ve got SoundCloud, which is one of the best places to discover new music. I’ve also got Omvana, the really cool meditation app, and of course, the WordPress mobile app. I happen to be a fitness freak most of the time, so I also have the Nike Training Club app, which has the best and easiest exercises to create a daily morning routine.

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