I Failed. Eh. Here’s What I Learned, Though.

First off, this new WordPress editing layout is bomb. Bloggers, can you relate? I guess. I can’t really hear you.

So: Last week I made myself a promise that I would shut my phone down for a week. Needless to say, I failed myself miserably. Not to worry, though, because there is still a LOT I have learnt 🙂 (And to make it seem legit, I’m going to throw in as much emotion and sentimentality into this as humanly possible.)

1. Putting your phone away for even a minute helps.

The second day I shut my phone down, I felt absolutely blissful. I made a rule that I can only use my phone when I’m not doing anything else already. That way, I’m focused all the time. Obviously, I couldn’t hold myself back all the time (les be honest I couldn’t hold myself back at all but I tried), but it still felt good.

2. Find other things to make you feel good.

I got into basketball and cycling again. I talked to friends I haven’t talked to in weeks. I made new ones in the digital space. I researched about things I normally wouldn’t have time to do. More than anything, I did everything that felt important in my life, without any feeling of guilt whatsoever.

3. Live! In IRL.

Whatever it is you’re going through, whether you’re trying to detox from your phone or are on a journey of self-discovery, remind yourself that you are always a work in progress. No matter what the circumstances, you can control yourself and make sure you’re okay. Just don’t get carried away with getting better that you forget your true self. If your gut says something, listen to it. If your gut tells you that you need to use the phone, you go and use that phone. If your gut tells you it’s time to relax or let out a tear, please, do it. Don’t ever lose contact with your consciousness. You will do amazing. I promise.

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