On A Search For Dead Parrot Pictures

I totally understand it when people say we post millennials are unnecessarily nihilistic, but what I find to be more fitting is the label that we’re all aspiring psuedo serial killers.

Today for the internship we interacted with the head of photography for the Times of India office in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. And all we could seem to ask him was whether you could put pictures of dead stuff on the paper. The answer is no.

We were disappointed.

I got my first journalism assignment. I had to write a news report about a relevant issue in my community. I decided to write about the most pressing concern in my neighbourhood, which was dogs pooping everywhere and people “sh*tting” on group chats about it.

Afterwards, we headed out to the mall, for what must have been the calmest tiring mall visit ever. And we made a lot of good buys too!

Thankfully, after a long time, I actually feel tired and ready to sleep and it’s not even midnight yet.

So, uh, I’m gonna go.



By Udita Gowdety

I read books with the jacket off.

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