At Last, Goa! — May 19th

The one big difference between today mornings and other summer mornings is that today, I actually felt tired when I woke up early, unlike all the other mornings when I just laid on my bed for two hours before getting up and brushing my teeth.

The Departure and Arrival

Wow, I mean, wow. Every time I visit the Hyderabad airport, I am left in absolute awe and wonder and gratitude for the people who make things like that possible. Something about the self-imagined surreality of an airport experience fills me up with giddy optimism about my future and all of our futures. Also, I love the vending machines. They bring me so much joy.

Coincidentally, I happened to meet my classmate at the airport, after which I said to myself, “If I come across another person I’m acquainted with for the entire duration of this vacation, I’m going to lose it.”

When we were almost at the Goa International Airport, we circled above the ground for a good twenty minutes before landing, because the Goa Airport is also used for the Air Force and Navy, and there were some delays ’cause of that. It was its own kind of fun to stare at the same 100 square miles of trees and hills for half an hour.

The journey from the airport to the hotel was another hour of travel, and my, oh my, was it spectacular. We had barely been here for an hour, and I was already mindblown by the scenery. It was a harmony between coastal and urban, and I fell in love with it.

Also, the way roads function here is something I find interesting. There’s no Ola or Uber here, just cars, taxis, and rented motorbikes. The latter are a big thing here, apparently.

Our hotel is the cutest thing ever. There’s only two floors, about 20 rooms, a restaurant and a pool. That’s it. But it’s all in the open, and it’s perfect for me. Beachy motel meets sophistication kinda vibe around here.

The Beaches – Oh God

This is best shown through pictures.

There’s something strangely romantic about standing on the shore when all is dark, and you feel the growing tide pull away the sand from beneath your feet.

The newness of the place almost left me catatonic at one point, which I know is a good sign that I’m enjoying what I see, my brain just can’t put its head around it yet.

I think uncertainty in the face of what you’ve never done before is something I felt a lot today. I did the weirdest, coolest stuff today, and today is just day one.

I can’t WAIT to see what will happen in the next few days.

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