Goa—A Complete Review

Now that I’ve returned home, I feel like I can comfortably reminisce the last 5 days in Goa.

The Beaches

We visited 5 beaches in total:

  1. Anjuna
  2. Calangute
  3. Vagator
  4. Candolim
  5. Baga

And all of them were absolutely spectacular. Each one of them seemed to have a personality of its own, from party-themed to rocky to relaxing. My favourite was Candolim, cause the white sand was beautiful, although slightly hot.

Also, we could see these amazing Taj hotels from there, which was great, cause I love staring at fancy hotels.

I didn’t get a chance to go jet skiing or parasailing, but that’s for the next trip to Goa.

Dudhsagar Falls

Nothing, absolutely nothing beats bathing under a 1000-foot waterfall while huge fish swim all around you and you can’t feel the ground beneath your feet cause like, a coconut tree could get submerged by that depth. Nothing beats doing something you would have never expected to do in your entire lifetime.

Visiting Dudhsagar Falls was, arguably, the highlight of this trip, because this was an experience I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else.

The Forts

We visited two forts: Fort Aguada and Chapora Fort. Both were slightly empty and relatively boring, but what made them so worthwhile was the view. But forts were situated on top of hills right by the sea, so that made for some really good landscape photography. We did a LOT of rock climbing, by the way.

In a nutshell

Goa, even with all of its overwhelmingly different social landscape, managed to strike a chord in me, making me feel something I’ve always wanted to feel: Even the most faraway lands can feel like home.

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