“This was not planned,”

I say, as I write these words, looking through my hotel room window in chilly Darjeeling.

The adventure began today morning, with my cousin and I flying all the way to Bagdogra by OURSELVES. I had expected it to be slightly more challenging, but the entire experience went smoothly. We even snuck a few pictures along the way.

Once we reached the hotel, we spent the rest of the day exploring the place (which by the way is almost 7000 ft above sea level) and window shopping at the bazaar.

I have to say, everyone over here has such a happy, peaceful vibe, that I’m being like them too. I smiled at all the waiters I saw, thanked people, helped them when their stuff fell on the floor, and even chatted up with the hotel manager about the heat in Hyderabad (she thought it was 50 degrees at home).

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