Coming Home

I have to say, there is nothing more agonising than sitting in a car, driving through hills, when all I can think about is how badly I need to pee.

Likewise, there’s nothing more relieving than emptying your bladder after holding it in for almost three hours. I came out the bathroom feeling so powerful, I could rule a country with my discipline and strength.

The whole duration of the drive to the airport, I convinced myself not to pick up the phone and click pictures, and simply enjoy the view instead. However, I did take a few pix just to remember the day, so here they are.

I’ve been meaning to write a full, non-brief review of Darjeeling, but I was completely immersed in the act of experiencing the place that thinking anymore about it would be too overwhelming. Hopefully, once I go home, I’ll be able to fathom star-like thoughts into beautiful constellations and we’ll all be better because of it.

2 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. This blog is the, girl!! I love the use of words and the second paragraph is just hilarious! Love your writing skills, girl! Keep going!

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