Where are my shoes???!?

It’s wedding season in our family. Can’t say I hate it. It’s not always the smoothest from start to finish, but somehow, by the end of the two or three (or thirty) days, we’re all a little high and happy. Sadly, my cousin’s at school, so at 11 am, I find myself alone, with threeContinue reading “Where are my shoes???!?”

Trickster Trust

Photo by Karly Santiago on Unsplash Also stolen from Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (please don’t copystrike me) I believe that the original human impulse for creativity was born out of pure trickster energy. Of course it was! Creativity wants to flip the mundane world upside down and turn it inside out, and that’s exactly what a tricksterContinue reading “Trickster Trust”

The Martyr vs. The Trickster

Photo by Fred Kearney on Unsplash Stolen from Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert We all have a bit of trickster in us, and we all have a bit of martyr in us (okay, some of us have a lot of martyr in us), but at some point in your creative journey you will have to make a decisionContinue reading “The Martyr vs. The Trickster”