How To Not Die After Watching The Fault In Our Stars: An Official Guide

That’s impossible, you’re definitely going to die. Just accept it and move on. 

I’m serious.

There are, however, ways to reduce the pain that is demanding to be felt (hahahahaha I’m soo going to kill you with these references), ways that I am 100% sure will lead you to cry a little but more. 

On a side note, if you know that you’re about to watch TFIOS, please be sure to get yourself a big bottle of water, because you are going to cry a lot. A LOT. Be advised. 

Also, your eyes are going to hurt, so please clear up an hour of your schedule after the movie, so as to be able to recuperate and relax (and cry). 

Also, on a completely different note, check out Utsav Raj’s letter to his favourite author, John Green. It’s amazing. 

Anyway, back to the list of things to escape the phenomenon that I like to call the ‘TFIOS Hangover’, which I’m sure I’m not the person who coined this:

Listen to Dear Hank & John.

This is an immediate measure after watching the movie. If you’re a nerdfighter like me, there are two and only two reasons why you’d watch TFIOS. One: Cause you like good young adult movies and Two: Cause you love John Green and admire his work. Now that I think of it, those don’t need to be the only two reasons, I mean there could be more, but like, these are the most important of them all. While watching the movie, there were multiple times when I felt so proud of John and also, so grateful that I share this messed up planet with John and people like him. And I also realized how much John’s work has influenced people’s lives around the world. 

And that just got a bit too much for me to handle. I was crying enough already. 

So, if you need to stop looking at John as a half-god, listen to his and his brother (Hank Green)’s podcast, Dear Hank & John, to listen to them be the dumbest people on the planet, and just lighten the mood a bit.


I say this for your own good: Do not go to Google, Tumblr, Pinterest or god knows what other social media site to cure your hangover. This will only worsen the situation, with the countless fan fiction artworks, quotes pictures, interviews and headcanons. 

Don’t go read a John Green novel, either. That’s the worst thing you could possibly do. 

Listen to the movie’s songs!

The songs mostly won’t trigger another heartache, unless you’re really sensitive to good music, in which case, ignore this. 

Otherwise, you will find the original motion picture soundtracks to be some of the best love songs in a long time. For a movie soundtrack, those songs are really cool. 

And, of course, write about it. 

This feeling that you’re feeling doesn’t need to be felt alone. You can share. You can talk to others about it. You can engage in conversations that you never thought you’d have. And soon, you’ll realize that this beautiful experience of having your heart broken and stitched back up again, all because of a movie, isn’t a big deal just for you. In sharing your love for The Fault In Our Stars, you will find more people who share the same love as you do. 

There’s nothing better than people loving the same thing together. 

I don’t think you’ll disagree. 

With that, I leave you with a quote that really helps me deal with this pain.

“You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world… but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices.” 

-Augustus Waters, The Fault In Our Stars