On The Last Day of Summer

You know you’re cooked When school starts tomorrow And you still haven’t finished your homework That you had to finish a month ago But you know your procrastination Was for a good cause, Because the joy of completing homework Could never replace the joy of the memories you made. You remember Lazily strolling across the park And the early morning dew on the grass Gently … Continue reading On The Last Day of Summer

Should we hate our imperial history?

From the book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari — All human cultures are at least in part the legacy of empires and imperial civilisations, and no academic or political surgery can cut out the imperial legacies without killing the patient. Think, for example, about the love-hate relationship between the independent Indian republic of today and the British Raj. The British … Continue reading Should we hate our imperial history?

Teenage Existential Logolepsical Imprecations

I am a victim of introspection. -Sylvia Plath When I have an existential crisis I Cry Numb myself with thoughts Write a blog post about it One problem with being a teenage girl with a compelling urge to over think and beautify everything is that most of time, reality seems to be too…. oversimplified. And this drives me crazy, because this particular feeling of overwhelming … Continue reading Teenage Existential Logolepsical Imprecations

Rats, Spirals and Cheese

What is the multiverse? How many dimensions exist? Will we ever find aliens? Are we all just atoms in a larger universe?These were the questions my friends and I attempted to answer in today’s lunch break. It all started with the question of how the universe would have come into existence if the Big Bang Theory wasn’t true. Soon we were wondering what was outside … Continue reading Rats, Spirals and Cheese