January Top 30

the things that made January amazing-

  1. Supernatural.
  2. Tumblr.
  3. Instagram (or the lack thereof)
  4. TwoSetViolin’s 2mil Tchaik drop (scheduled live-stream on Feb 7!)
  5. Driving the streets of West Hyd. All time fav timepass.
  6. Andrew Huang and his music genius brain.
  7. Falling in love with architecture.
  8. Math. Kill me, I don’t care. I freaking love math.
  9. Bach and Lauv, with the same level of importance.
  10. Book-reading. I read eight whole books this month.
  11. Staying at home. Not having to go to school.
  12. Ricky Gervais at the Globes. God, that was refreshing.
  13. Daniel Shiffman.
  14. Austin Kleon and his blackout poetry.
  15. The community library, which was essentially the only reason I studied during the vacation.
  16. Badminton in the evenings.
  17. Cream Stone plans after dinner.
  18. All the podcasts that were playing on my phone (one day, Dear Hank and John was running all night).
  19. Science fiction literature.
  20. Fairy lights in my bedroom.
  21. Feels Like Home by Sigala.
  22. Nike Training Club and their collection of lactic-acid producing workouts (my legs are still sore).
  23. PewDiePie (strangely).
  24. Seth Everman. Jesus, that dude.
  25. Fanfiction. I’m not afraid to admit I indulged in a lot of fanfic in January.
  26. how i’m feeling (out March 6th)
  27. Sweet, sweet poetry by e. e. cummings.
  28. SDCC videos on YouTube.
  29. Seasonal chillhop music.
  30. Dreams, and the power they have over us.

Pizzamas – The Ultimate NERD Festival

November is officially the weirdest month of all months.

It’s Pizzamas! It’s an annual celebration of…something. It has to do with an extremely stupid (but iconic) picture of John Green:

pizza john

For more on how this picture became viral, and why we celebrate Pizzamas at all, please watch this video, because I really don’t think my words would do justice to this auspicious event. In a nutshell, John ate a lot of Pizza, and John had a rad moustache.

Someone made merch out of it, and soon, the world is flooded with Pizza John merch in every version possible. There are Pizza John coozies, pop sockets, fidget spinners, 7 different kinds of shirts, tote bags, and that RIDICULOUS pin that is my featured image. Pizza John was bound to happen at some time.

No, what I want to talk about is how Pizza John hasn’t just become a piece of the large fandom of Nerdfighteria, it has become something of a cult now.┬áIf any of you reading this are Nerdfighters, first of all, PLEASE CONTACT ME I NEED YOU IN MY LIFE. Secondly, you probably know how important the community can be once you really become a part of it. Nerdfighteria is a large group of nerds of all races, genders and ages. Here, we get the chance to be the nerdiest versions of ourselves without anyone judging us. I know this might not seem like a big deal, but it is when you happen to be a nerd. I can relate.

Also, if you are not yet a Nerdfighter, I strongly urge you to become one! It’s not that hard; all you need to do is watch a couple of Vlogbrothers videos, start a Crash Course playlist on YouTube, read John (and Hank) Green’s novels, and BAM you’re officially a Nerdfighter. It’s a liberating, spiritual process, believe me.

Especially if you’re a closeted nerd. Or, in my case, you used to be one.

Being a nerd used to feel like a selfish thing to be. I don’t know why. Maybe it was because I felt fully focused on myself and honestly, I didn’t really care about anything and anyone that I didn’t feel passionate about.

And because of that, I often felt like being nerdy wasn’t my best quality to present to others. Sometimes, it even felt like the worst. I hated the whole experience of being ‘labelled’ as something that I didn’t want to be labelled as, and I did everything I could to stay away from such discussions in public.

Pizzamas is an opportunity for me and everyone else to take the most stupid and silly things seriously and with absolutely no contradiction. Pizzamas is a time to embrace everything about you that makes you human, no matter how silly you think it is. To me, that means accepting my inherently intense introspection and my equally passionate nerdiness.

Pizza John isn’t just mere merchandise. It’s a badge of honour that shows that you are brave enough to care about all the little and small things that make you who you are and that connect all of us as one big society.