5 More Podcasts You Need to Listen to Right Now


The creators of this podcast strive to explore the everyday world through the lens of creativity and give it to us in bite-sized episodes that are easy to listen to. BrainStuff is a podcast that you can binge on while doing the dishes driving around town, or when you’re craving for some inspiration!


OhMyGod. Nerdificent is my new favorite podcast and it should be yours too. Hosts Dani and Ify are super nerdy, geeky and so much fun to listen to. Their podcast is an opportunity for nerds to thrive in their natural environment and immerse into different worlds through exploration and experimentation. If you’re a nerd, THIS IS YOUR PODCAST.


Have you ever found yourself lost on Wikipedia? One moment you’re on the page about thermodynamics, and the next you’re reading about British life in the 16th century. Wikipedia has almost 45 million pages, covering topics that you never knew existed. Stephen Hackett and Myke Hurley discuss the weirdest of these topics. Ungeniused is a podcast where the creators share interesting knowledge that you’ll certainly never use, but who knows, it might come in handy!

The Unmade Podcast

This is an amazing podcast by Tim Hein and Brady Haran, where the two talk about unpublished podcast episodes and ideas for future ones. This podcast is my go-to for some relaxed self-brainstorming when my creative juices are guaranteed to flow.

Ben, Ben and Blue

Ben, Ben and Blue is a great podcast by Grant Sanderson, Ben Eater and Ben Stenhaug. The three of them have insightful and stimulating about education and content creation. Some of their podcast content includes color illusions, poker psychology, and middle math teaching. Ben, Ben and Blue deserves to be on everyone’s Top 10 list of resource podcasts. And I’m not lying.


5 Podcasts You Need to Listen to Right Now

Am I the only one who feels like podcasts are super trending?
I’ve been a podcast listener for a while now, and the quantity and the quality of podcasts have risen unimaginably. As of Feb 1, 2018, Apple Podcasts had 500000 different podcasts in over 100 languages. If you listened to a new podcast every single day, it would take you over 1300 years to listen to them all. With this kind of information overload, it can get hard to filter the great podcasts from the mediocre. So here’s a list of 5 absolutely remarkable podcasts that you should listen to:

Dear Hank and John

If you’re reading this and you’re a nerdfighter, you’ll understand why this podcast is at the top of my list. Created by vlogbrothers and YouTube influencers John and Hank Green, this podcast is a life-saver for anyone in desperate need of advice. Packed with tips that are more helpful than you’d imagine and weekly news from Mars and AFC Wimbledon, Dear Hank and John is a mixture of comedy that you can’t handle and general awareness that you never asked for.

Rants and Randomness

From blogger, TED speaker, and side-eye sorceress Luvvie Ajayi, Rants and Randomness is a podcast that covers all things pop culture and relevant to our lives. Luvvie chats with amazing people and talks about books and shows that she loves. She shares her most pressing rants, raves, faves and fails from her life. If you like informing yourself about the world and also being high-key shady, this podcast is for you.

Hello Internet

CGP Grey and Brady Haran discuss anything and everything that’s worth their time- tennis balls, earthquake zones, cute puppy photos and the psychology of self-checkout machines. This is one podcast that you’ll feel comfortable listening to and you’ll always come back for more.

IRL: Online Life is Real Life

IRL is an informative podcast that discusses various aspects of the online world that we surround ourselves with, such as the growing problem of conspiracy, the use of algorithms in social networking, biometric technology in Snapchat filters and the battle of net neutrality. This podcast is essential for anyone who wants influence people towards the greater good through the internet.

Delete This!

This podcast is so good, it’s a gift from heaven. Hosted by Katherine and Hank Green, this podcast recaps and scrutinizes Hanks twitter feed over the previous week, while also talking about the things that matter in today’s world (according to Hank, at least). Delete this is a podcast that provides you with healthy doses of education with equal amounts of entertainment.
If you found these podcasts cool, stay tuned for next week’s post where I give you 5 more great podcasts!
“People are really listening and want to consume all of the content that is there and available. There’s a level of dedication that comes from podcast listeners that you otherwise don’t find. And now the numbers prove it. Podcasts aren’t a bubble, they’re a boom—and that boom is only getting louder.”


I’m sitting on a park bench in my neighbourhood. The breeze from the nearby lake is strong and liberating. I’m surrounded by plants and greenery in every direction. The sunset makes its reflection on the water, shattering into a thousand little rose-golden crystals. The chirp of birds, the howling of wind through the leaves, the frantic rustling of the pages of my book and the constant sound of the waves are beckoning to me, calling me to a world beyond human thought.

It’s funny how we can go from seeing beauty in everything to becoming completely devoid of any feeling at all, let alone ones of love and fascination.

But if I close listen carefully, I’ll realize that everything around is trying to tell me something. The wind is telling me to be stronger, the waves are telling me to be grittier, the grass and tress are telling me to be kinder, and the sky is telling me not to give up on my dreams, ever. And if I listen even more closely, I’ll probably hear my own mind telling me something. Though I’m not sure I’m listening closely enough yet.

Everything around us has a message to give. Everything around us has a story to tell.

Just stand back and listen.

I remind myself every morning: Nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So if I’m going to learn, I must to it by listening. -Larry King