A Tale of Two Thanos

By Michael Miller

What’s the plural of Thanos?  Would it be Thanos?  Or Thanoses?  Or Thani?  I don’t know but I still kind of like the ring of this title anyway so I’m sticking with it.  Once Avengers: Infinity War was finally upon us, one of its most discussed features was the character of Thanos.  I’ve read many reviews or essays examining the film which make the point Avengers: Infinity War is more a film about Thanos than any of the superheroes, something writers/directors Joe and Anthony Russo have said themselves.  What struck me most about Thanos when I first saw Avengers: Infinity War (and has continued to warrant further reflection with each subsequent viewing) is how different his motivations are in the film from the comics.


A Letter to Robert Downey Jr.

Dated 4 April 2018:


Dear RDJ,

You’re like a fine wine. You simply get better with age. And you just turned 53! I’ve been idolizing you for nearly 4 and a half years now. It really doesn’t seem like that at all. I still remember the exact words that came to my mind when I first saw you as Iron Man: “Wow. This guy is cool.” I honestly never thought that you become so important to me and play such a big role in shaping my character as a young teenage girl.

You have taught me, through your own life, the true meaning of determination, self-acceptance and second chances. Your mistakes have shown what it truly means to get back up and live your dream. Throughout my ups and downs, I looked at your ups and downs, with the faith and confidence that I would find the right solutions to my problems. And I did. Every single time.

You taught me the meaning of success, the importance of loving yourself, and you showed immense dignity in your rebellious personality. Because of you, I have learned to seek the light when all is dark, to speak up when all is silenced and to break the stereotype when conformity prevails.

Maybe I’m just overestimating your influence. Maybe I’m biased towards you. Maybe I look up to you only because I see in you everything I wish to see in myself one day. But whatever it is, I need to thank you.

Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do and thank you for making a difference.

I have a lot more to say, but until next year, I think this much will suffice.

Best wishes,



An Ode to Spider-Man

There goes a tale

Of a young, smart genius

Whose fate gave him immense powers

And laid the weight of the world on his shoulders

His age was never considered

When his life took a drastic turn

He just accepted his burden

And swore to never let his heroes down

But soon, one mistake of his turned into two,

And two into hundred,

He lost the trust of those he loved

And even more of those he looked up to

But amidst all the chaos and confusion,

Amidst the rise and fall of his soul,

He rose from the ashes of his defeat

Reborn as someone stronger than before.

His courage and self-belief

Has indeed taught me

That with great power,

Comes great responsibility.

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