A Tale of Two Thanos

By Michael Miller

What’s the plural of Thanos?  Would it be Thanos?  Or Thanoses?  Or Thani?  I don’t know but I still kind of like the ring of this title anyway so I’m sticking with it.  Once Avengers: Infinity War was finally upon us, one of its most discussed features was the character of Thanos.  I’ve read many reviews or essays examining the film which make the point Avengers: Infinity War is more a film about Thanos than any of the superheroes, something writers/directors Joe and Anthony Russo have said themselves.  What struck me most about Thanos when I first saw Avengers: Infinity War (and has continued to warrant further reflection with each subsequent viewing) is how different his motivations are in the film from the comics. Continue reading “A Tale of Two Thanos”

Tom Holland is the future of the Marvel franchise

BY JONATHAN DEAN I was surprised when I heard Tom Holland was to play Spider-Man in a reboot that put the web slinger in the current Marvel universe. I mean, sure, he’s great as Rev, but Spider-Man isn’t meant to be bald. Soon, though, I learnt that Tom Holland isn’t actually Tom Hollander and, later, I actually remembered I’d already seen the actor, in the … Continue reading Tom Holland is the future of the Marvel franchise