My trip to IKEA: A Picture Diary (mostly)

I’m sorry for not publishing for the last two days, but I assure that it was for a good reason. The title of this blog was one of them. It was Saturday afternoon. We were having lunch, and we craved some mental stimulation. With that, we began our plans to visit IKEA for the first time. Behold, my glorious pictures from the trip!     … Continue reading My trip to IKEA: A Picture Diary (mostly)

A Drive Back Home

For once, the traffic wasn’t bad. It was evening, and I was coming back home from a relative’s house. To get home, we needed to pass through what, in my opinion, is the best part of Hyderabad. HITEC City. Hello, auto rickshaw! In case the name doesn’t already give you a hint about the place, let me give you one: It’s full of computers. It’s … Continue reading A Drive Back Home