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I found this on Tumblr, and I thought, well, I don’t get a lot of questions, but I still want to answer them, so here goes:

a. what other poets style do you emulate the most?

John Green, even though he’s not a poet. He waxes poetic about everything. Other than him, I’d say Yeats, Wordsworth, Tagore, and Rupi Kaur.

b. do you write with too much imagery or too little?

My mom says my writing has a good amount of imagery.

c. write four poems in one day or go three weeks without writing anything?

I know for a fact that I once wrote four poems in twenty minutes, so I guess I could do it again.

d. do you have your poetry organized or are you more likely to write half a stanza on a one dollar bill and then spend it by accident?

Who writes on money? Jesus. But I definitely scribble lines and couplets on any empty space I find. Fun fact: I have like a seven-stanza poem about Fortnite spread across the Grammar section of my English material.

e. bird imagery or ocean imagery?


f. what was the last poem that you 💛?

The Palace, by Kaveh Akbar.

g. do you write about people or landscapes?

I write about people finding themselves in the landscapes that surround them.

h. dreams or real events?

What’s the difference?

i. who do you write for?

I write for two people: 1. Myself. 2. The person who will read this and decide to do something good to the world.

j. what is the worst thing about your writing? what is the best?

I like how the question first asks what the worst thing is and the best later. The worst thing, I suppose, is that at least in my head, my writing seems like a letter of apology to the universe. Too many lessons learnt, not enough dreams for the future.

The best thing about my writing? Well, everything else. At least when I’m writing, I feel like someone who’s learnt a thing or two about my life, and I’ve noticed that when you talk about what you’ve learnt, others listen and agree.

k. what’s the best line you’ve ever written?

Oooh, that’s a good question.

Look, if I didn’t know better, I’d say my best line is yet to come. I still have a long way to go before my words get really good. That said, there is this line from this poem I wrote called rose, and it goes, “If I let go of myself/ I wish you’d still pick me.” I like that line. I think we’re all at this stage in our teen lives where we’re being asked to make a choice: own up to who you are or be left out. And to let go of the roles community gives you to find your own is not easy.

l. how much do you edit a piece before you consider it complete?

I don’t edit sh*t.

m. how long does it take you to write a poem?

Depends. On good days, fifteen minutes. On bad ones, a week or two.

n. ghosts or angels?

Angels. Castiel being my favourite.

o. god or sunlight?


p. soft or harsh?

Soft for sure. I’m a real softie.

q. safety or happiness?

Safety. Happiness is subjective.

r. how long have you been writing?

Two years.

s. who is your favourite poet? you have to pick just one.

Percy Shelley. To a Skylark is my all-time favourite poem.

t. what is your favourite line of poetry?

you scale the summit & jump off the mountain just to know why every heaven isn’t always for your kind/

to stay true regardless/ to remain real/
takes wild, violent & tender love.

Chris Ferreiras.

u. would you be 🆗 with never being well known?

Obscurity is one of the most underrated blessings a writer can get. I wouldn’t it trade for all the money, fame and connections in the world.

Maybe I will one day. But I know that I’ll miss the days when no one knew who I was, and I didn’t care.

v. slow or frantic?

Slow. At first, at least.

w. what colour is your poetry?

The colour of a fading sunset. It smells like a new car, or the ground after it rains.

x. who, if anyone, do you send your new poems to?

I usually don’t. I’m pretty self-conscious about my work, so I don’t share unless it’s already out there. However, on some occasions, I have mailed drafts of my poetry to my friends from the Counter Speech Fellowship.

y. is your poetry light or dark?

Dark with a hint of gold.

z. write a couplet (a short poem with just two lines) about pulse points.

What the hell are pulse points? Hold on, I gotta google this, lemme check.

Ok, I got something:

I checked for a pulse/
But all I felt was perfume in my veins.


Well, that sure was fun! I hope you enjoyed reading these questions as much as I did answering them. Cheers.