Happily Ever After – A Fairy Tale with a Twist

It was a cloudy morning when Rapunzel first spotted the prince, riding on his majestic horse, towards her tower. Even from the distance, she could feel his glorious, royal, entitled, prince-like vibe. She shuddered in disgust even thinking about it. Rapunzel wasn’t a normal princess. She wasn’t cute, charming and charismatic-that was what everyone else pictured her to be. Oh, no. She was rebellious, stubborn, … Continue reading Happily Ever After – A Fairy Tale with a Twist

Watch a TED Talk.

#TEDTalkTuesday From TED Talks: The Official TED Guide To Public Speaking by Chris Anderson :- The house lights dim. A woman, her palms sweating, her legs trembling just a little, steps out onto the stage. A spotlight hits her face, and 1200 pairs of eyes lock onto hers. The audience senses her nervousness. There is palpable tension in the room. She clears her throat and … Continue reading Watch a TED Talk.