A Drive Back Home

For once, the traffic wasn’t bad. It was evening, and I was coming back home from a relative’s house. To get home, we needed to pass through what, in my opinion, is the best part of Hyderabad. HITEC City. Hello, auto rickshaw! In case the name doesn’t already give you a hint about the place, let me give you one: It’s full of computers. It’s … Continue reading A Drive Back Home

On The Last Day of Summer

You know you’re cooked When school starts tomorrow And you still haven’t finished your homework That you had to finish a month ago But you know your procrastination Was for a good cause, Because the joy of completing homework Could never replace the joy of the memories you made. You remember Lazily strolling across the park And the early morning dew on the grass Gently … Continue reading On The Last Day of Summer

How to Steal Ideas

–Stolen from Austin Kleon. Nothing’s original. There is nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9) Originality is undetected plagiarism. Nothing, absolutely nothing in this world is original. “Original” art is just connecting the same old dots in a different pattern. And the best way to get more of these dots into your life is to steal them. There are bajillions of things to steal in … Continue reading How to Steal Ideas

Tom Holland is the future of the Marvel franchise

BY JONATHAN DEAN I was surprised when I heard Tom Holland was to play Spider-Man in a reboot that put the web slinger in the current Marvel universe. I mean, sure, he’s great as Rev, but Spider-Man isn’t meant to be bald. Soon, though, I learnt that Tom Holland isn’t actually Tom Hollander and, later, I actually remembered I’d already seen the actor, in the … Continue reading Tom Holland is the future of the Marvel franchise

4 Ways to Turn Your New Idea Into a Reality

By Belma McCaffrey “I’d like to create a new multi-media platform – an Oprah 2.0 – built around authenticity serving millennials,” said a good friend and fellow entrepreneur. “I’d like to write a new Christmas movie about an elf who ends up in a random small town and changes that town’s perception of Christmas” said a coworker. “My key driver is empathy and inspiring others … Continue reading 4 Ways to Turn Your New Idea Into a Reality

5 Ways to Strengthen your Willpower this Summer

This post is part of a collaboration with Jess from JessofEarth. We’re both writing blogs on improving work ethic this Spring/Summer season. Check out her post on tips to improve work ethic and give her some love! Actually, give her a lot of love. She deserves it. “OK. Listen. I’m gonna be straightforward here: I don’t wanna write this post. I feel like I’ve hit … Continue reading 5 Ways to Strengthen your Willpower this Summer

The Hot Waves Come Calling

Guys. This is my first ever guest post and I couldn’t have been happier or more honoured to be collaborating with XlitpotX from LitPot. She writes amazing poems on abstract concepts. Check out her site too, it’s got some brilliant content, and show her the love she deserves! Here’s a poem by her, titled ‘The Hot Waves Come Calling’: The hot waves come calling The … Continue reading The Hot Waves Come Calling