The 20's Are Coming

It’s finally here. The year’s ending, and I couldn’t be more glad, honestly. It means I get to write my decade in review! Here we go.

Top Achievements

  1. Attending the Counter Speech Fellowship. July-Sep 2019
  2. This is a petty one, but 40 trophies. 2010-2019
  3. Cycling 17 kilometres in under an hour and then falling very very sick, skipping the first week of ninth grade. March 2018
  4. Starting this blog 🙂 January 2018
  5. Performing in front of a live crowd at the CSF graduation. Sep 2019

Top Goofs

  1. The first one is so embarrassing I wish I could crawl into the earth and stay there forever. April 2019
  2. I didn’t attempt several questions in my 80 mark tests, which disturbs me more than I had expected. Oct & Dec 2019
  3. I called Alexa Alekhya and was confused why she wasn’t responding. Nov 2019

Biggest Lessons Learnt

  1. You gotta stop living your life so delicately, man. You’re allowed to make mistakes and grow from them. Dec 2019
  2. You ain’t getting nowhere without practice. Dec 2019
  3. There are more interesting things in life than the idea of a person. Oct 2019
  4. Let loose, man. 2016-2019
  5. If you don’t comb your hair, it’s gonna end up looking like sh*t. 2012-forever

Much Excite

  1. Discovering TwoSet Violin, the YouTube channel that fulfills all my musical desires. Dec 2019
  2. Going to Goa, then coming back and going on a spontaneous flight to Darjeeling by myself. May 2019
  3. My first live drama, in which I did something besides narrating. I played the role of a pig. Dec 2018

Biggest Skills I’m Holding Onto

  1. Learning Chinese and Spanish. 2015–
  2. Learning to play the guitar, ukulele and keyboard. 2010–
  3. Cycling everyday. 2018–
  4. Writing. 2016–
  5. My undying curiosity for anything even remotely interesting. 2015–

Goals for the 20’s

  1. Fluency at as many new languages as possible. 2020-2030
  2. Finish my guitar grades. 2024
  3. Travel to at least 5 different countries. 2020-2030 (please, mom and dad)

To all my friends, I hope you had a great decade and I hope you have an even greater 2020. Happy New Year!